The Robert Bosch Cultural Manager Network is initiated by alumni of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and coordinated by MitOst e.V.
Middle Egypt (Fayoum, Beni Suef, El Minya, Assiut, El Kharga)
Alexander Besch

I graduated with degrees in Political Science, Islamic Studies, and Economics from the University of Hamburg in 2009 with a thesis about external support for transformation in Egypt.

I became familiar with Egypt during my studies. An internship at the German Embassy in Cairo gave me my first experience in implementing cultural projects.

Other internships and work as a project manager at GIZ put me in Tunisia, Morocco, and Afghanistan. During this time I became acquainted with other countries of the Arab and Islamic worlds, paving the way for my work as a Robert Bosch Cultural Manager in Middle Egypt that started in May 2012.

Activities & Affiliation:

since 05/12
Robert Bosch Cultural Manager in Middle Egypt
Organzing cultural events in northern Upper Egypt and the oasis cities and strengthening cultural cooperation in this region
Project Manager at GIZ International Services for Afghanistan
Acquisition and implementation of development projects (agriculture, education, geology, infrastructure), capacity building, internal and external project communcation