The Robert Bosch Cultural Manager Network is initiated by alumni of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and coordinated by MitOst e.V.
Yvonne Meyer

Yvonne Meyer works as a freelance cultural manager and trainer for start-ups in culture and creative industries. Her academic studies comprised Theatre and Western Slavic languages.
In the years 2006–2009, she was a program manager within the Robert Bosch Cultural Manager program. For the Borussia Foundation in Olsztyn, Poland, she was responsible for the adaption of a Jewish Bet Tahara into the Centre of Intercultural Dialogue DOM MENDELSOHNA.
2014/2015, she was the head project manager for »Culture | place.positioning«, an international conference and festival by the independent cultural scene in Leipzig. Based on this she developes formates for thinking about cultural politics and civic education.
Yvonne designs and realizes international projects in culture and education, whilst her special interests lie in cross-sector co-operations. Beyond others, she initiated a series of international workshops for NGOs revitalizing and adapting unused spaces – »Structures | Spaces | Regions« (2013), »Open spaces – Culture, Economy, Administration« (2015), and »Open spaces – Open society« (2016).
She lives with her family in Leipzig.

Activities & Affiliation:

Trainings in project management for cultural workers and small businesses in the creative industries
Developing and realising 1-8 day programms and methods for the special need of these groups.
Projektschrauber is a non-commercial consultancy firm, which develops workshops for small businesses and single enterprises.
Co-founder and board member, currently head of board. Partner of the Polish NGO Fundacja Borussia (


September 20-29, participants from Warsaw, Olsztyn, and Leipzig met to find out how to co-determinate the design of the cities they live in. Therefore they met experts experienced in co-determination processes in local policies and intercultural work. Together with the artist Julia Zorkovská the group worked in the city district around the Eisenbahnstraße. The aim was to talk with people living there how they imagine cultural spaces in their neighborhood. The results are discussed with the group IG Fortuna, who are going to adapt the Cinema of Youth as a new cultural center.
Study Tour: Cracow´s Independent Cultural Scene
The study tour was organized September 6-10 in the framework of the Town Twinning Leipzig-Cracow. A group of cultural activists from Leipzig met independent artists and activists as well as cultural politics and educators to get known the cultural scene of Cracow and to get new contacts for co-operation.
September 8-11, Olsztyn, Poland
culture | place.positioning was a project of the Initiative Leipzig + Culture, which dealt with current and future challenges and possible solutions within cultural work. This cultural-political congress was accompanied by an extensive festival program. It was the first international, interdisciplinary conference in Germany that was entirely initiated and realised by the independent cultural scene of the city. With over 40 international experts coming from France, Great Britain, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Latvia, as well as from all over Germany; (new) cultural policy terms have been defined, practical examples have been collected and recommendations for action have been elaborated upon. More than 50 participants with backgrounds in science, the independent scene, administration and politics brought their diverse personal experiences to the in-depth discussions.
Polish-Lithuanian-German artistic project about the Warmia Region, Poland.
March 13-15, Berlin, Germany
50 young people from Poland and Germany were together composing a piece of music whose main theme is the slow formation of lignite: a journey from primordial times with their deserts of ice and subtropical seas up to today's aquatic landscapes formed by flooded mining pits.
October, 17-20, Leipzig, Germany
June (Leipzig, Germany) until September (Olsztyn, Poland), networking project for young poets and translators from Poland and Germany
4 Meetings in Leipzig with artists from Olsztyn, Poland, to present the diverse culture of the Warmia Region: Aron Blum (music) - Ariowitsch Haus, Ewa Pohlke (fine arts) - Landesdirektion, Teatr Węgajty (theater) - Westflügel, Marcin Cieliecki (poetry) - Polish Institute

Talks & Publications:

Séverine Marguin, Yvonne Meyer, Falk Elstermann, Sophie Renz, Leipzig + Kultur e. V. (Eds.): "Culture | Place.Positioning" This publication is the result of pioneering cultural policy work, which has strategically driven the Leipzig independent scene over the past two years. The idea to publish a position paper arose in 2013 with the idea for an international cultural congress and cultural festival Culture | Place.Positioning, which took place from the 21st to the 27th of September, 2015.


Open Spaces is an exchange platform for NGO activists which are: operating in the cultural or artistic field, working particularly on a regional level and have already established a good regional network, revitalizing and adapting unused spaces and therefore taking on social and financial responsibilities in their cities. (More information: FB OpenSpacesNGOExchange)
I have an active network with people from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine. In Leipzig I my main contacts are people in the independent cultural scene, creative industries and the Poland enthusiasts.


people, bottom up cultural policy, working methods for co-operation, history of theater